High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Top Surface Finishes.   HPL is sometimes called laminated plastic; it is durable and resistant by nature. By protecting the top surface of RAF panels, HPL prolongs the life of the floor while reducing the time and effort of maintaining it.

Features:  Wear resistance, electrical resistance, scuff resistance, stain resistance

Options:  Various colors and patterns, thickness: 1/16" or 1/8"

Available Colors and Patterns:
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RAF 2201-1
(Gray Starlite equivalent)

RAF 2201
(Greige Starlite equivalent)

RAF 2202

RAF 2103

RAF 2203
(White Mellow-
tone equiv.)

RAF 2204
(Gray Matrix equivalent)

RAF 2205
(Taupe Matrix equivalent)

Type of Resistance NEMA Test Method Results
Electrical NFPA 99 1.0 x 106 to 2.0 x 1010
Stain 3.4 No effect
Boiling Water 3.5 No effect
High Temp. 3.6 No effect
Wear 3.13 3000+ cycles/min
Scuff 3.16 No effect





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Seismic Braces


Seismic Zones.  Many buildings reside in areas with stronger and more frequent seismic activity. For these structures, seismic braces can be attached to pedestals in the understructure for superior lateral rigidity. In the event an earthquake should strike, seismic braces will ensure the floor sways congruently with the structure to minimize potential damage.

Features:  Steel construction, all braces are custom built to project specifications

Options:  1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-way brace kits; sizes and configurations will vary with each project.*




* Seismic requirements are typically determined by structural engineers.


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